Online Learning

Online Learning
Skills Options for Adults in Dorset and Somerset

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Online Learning - Skills Options for Adults

Online learning is an effective mode of study that offers an exciting way to learn new skills, gain a qualification or build on existing skills and knowledge.  It can help with your career progression and development, which can in turn lead to higher earning capacity and status. If you are currently working from home or furloughed due to the current lockdown, it could be the perfect time for you to get yourself in a better position for when you are able to return to work.  Alternatively, it can be something you choose to do just for fun!  Either way, what better time than now to start something new and achieve your goals?

If you are an employer, having your employees working towards a qualification online is an effective way of addressing skills gaps within your workforce.  With the current complexities of starting a qualification via traditional delivery methods due to Covid-19, many are finding it a favourable way to focus on their professional development.

It provides access to study remotely without face to face contact with a tutor in the classroom, but still with all the support in place that you will need from the training provider through digital means.  Providing that you have access to an internet connection, you can choose when and where to study, to fit in around work, family and other commitments.

There is a huge range of nationally recognised qualifications and short courses to choose from, irrespective of your chosen industry or level of study.  Funding is subject to eligibility criteria.

Please remember to stay safe online.  If you need any further advice on this, information about online safety can be found here: 

Skill Up Somerset / West Somerset offer free impartial advice and support to businesses and individuals on training, distance learning and apprenticeships, and work with colleges and private training providers across Somerset. 

Tips for successful online learning

#1 – Switch off gadgets/social media to avoid any unnecessary distractions. Set a screen time limit on your phone and tablets.
#2 – Set yourself daily goals as well as longer term goals. 
#3 – Plan a timetable and set achievable deadlines.
#4 –Reward yourself for achieving a goal.
#5 – Make sure you take short breaks away from your study to avoid fatigue and loss of focus.
#6 – Work with a group of friends online, set up a study group for motivation and support, and to help you keep on track.
#7 – Make your friends aware of your goals so they can nudge you if you start to procrastinate!

Online learning FAQs

This depends on the course and level that you study.  Short bitesize courses can be from as little as 1 hour, whereas qualifications from level 1 upwards require a longer commitment.

Many of the courses at Level 1, 2 and under are free to anyone over the age of 19 living in Somerset.  Level 3 and upwards generally carry a cost and take into account things such as prior learning, but we can talk though your specific circumstances with you and let you know your options.

The bitesize introductory courses are not usually accredited, but many employers will accept them as evidence of your professional development.  Additionally, there are many accredited courses available at Level 1 and above which will provide you with a recognised qualification on successful completion.

An employer will always look favourably towards someone who has taken the time to engage in some form of learning.  It demonstrates motivation, a willingness to learn and commitment towards professional development, whether it is a course relevant to your existing job role, or learning something completely new to help you enter employment in a new industry.

You should only need basic computer literacy skills, and should receive full instructions and support throughout your learning to assist you with any problems you may encounter, therefore do not let this put you off.

Online learning is taught using a number of delivery methods and different courses suit different learning styles.  Online learning has become far more popular in recent times, and there is no evidence to suggest that achievement is compromised by learning in this way.

You will need access to an internet connection, and a tablet, laptop or pc, and some spare time to put aside to concentrate on your studies.

Benefits of Online Learning

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