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Discover new opportunities for your skills development through Employer-led Skills Bootcamps.

Skills Bootcamps in Somerset and Dorset

Skills Bootcamps offer free 16-week flexible courses and the opportunity for a job interview upon course completion.

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Current Opportunities

As Skills Bootcamp opportunities become available, they will be advertised here

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Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) Skills Bootcamp

Starting in September and October

ūüöö Unleash Your Potential with a HGV Skills Bootcamp in Somerset!

  • Fully-funded HGV Skills
  • Free to everyone who meets the Eligibility requirements
  • Novice to category C, up to 32-ton lorry
  • Guaranteed Interview: We’re invested in your career and not just about training. Benefit from an interview with an employer upon completion to kickstart your new career.

HGV Skills Bootcamp. Image of a lorry driver

What are Skills Bootcamps?

A Skills Bootcamp is a type of intensive training program that provides you with the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge in a specific field or industry.

These Skills Bootcamps are designed to be fast-paced, hands-on, and practical, allowing you to gain real-world experience and develop the skills you need to succeed in your chosen careers.

Are they right for me?

Skills Bootcamps cater to the diverse needs of adults aged 19 and above, including those who are full-time or part-time employed, unemployed, returning to work after a break, self-employed, prisoners on temporary release, and those due to be released in 6 months.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

I'm employed

We can work with your employer to tailor the training to the business needs. Speak to us to find out more.
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I'm looking for employment or a career change

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You may be eligible to apply for a Skills Bootcamp if you:

  • are aged 19 or over
    • Skills Bootcamps are open to all adults aged 19 or over on 31 August within the 2023 to 2024 funding year.
  • have the right to work in the UK
  • you may only undertake one Skills Bootcamp per funding year.

If you claim Universal Credit, you can apply and continue to claim benefits.

Skills Bootcamps benefits

Here's why you should consider Skills Bootcamps:

    • guaranteed job interview at the end of the course
    • they can lead to a new job or an apprenticeship.
    • they are shaped with employers to respond to their skills shortages
    • quickly increase your skills in a specific area¬†
    • they can give you the essential sector-specific skills needed to enter a new industry
    • you can build up sector-specific skills
    • you could progress in your current role with the support of your employer.

Get in touch with us to learn more about Skills Bootcamps. 

Skills Bootcamps Sectors

These are the sectors for our Skills Bootcamps. 

If you're interested in a different sector, please get in touch with us.


Businesses involved in technology, digital marketing, software development, and related fields.


Companies engaged in construction projects, infrastructure development, and building trades.


Businesses in the hotel, restaurant, and tourism industries.


Retail companies operating in the retail sector, including brick-and-mortar and e-commerce businesses.

Green Skills

Organisations focused on sustainable practices, renewable energy, and environmental conservation.

Engineering / Technical

Businesses in engineering, manufacturing, and technical industries.


Companies involved in transportation and logistics, particularly those using heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).


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Organisations providing healthcare, social services, and elderly care.


Early Years

Early Years

Organisations focused on Early Years child services.

Skills Bootcamp FAQs

If you have any questions please get in touch

What are Skills Bootcamps?

Skills Bootcamps are flexible courses that last up to 16 weeks. They allow people to learn specific skills relevant to a particular industry. The bootcamps offer a fast-track route to get an interview with a local employer.

Who are they for?

These Skills Bootcamps are designed to meet the varied needs of adults aged 19 and above living in Somerset or Dorset. This includes individuals who are full-time or part-time employed, unemployed, those returning to work after a break, self-employed individuals, prisoners on temporary release, and those who will be released within the next 6 months.

I'm employed can I still complete a Skills Bootcamp?

Yes! We can speak to your employer and find out if they are interested in working with us to run a Skills Bootcamp. Speak to us

If you’re looking for a career change we will be advertising Skill Bootcamps for individuals as soon as they are available.

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